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Wanna set up a blog (or simple website), but don't know where to start? 

This is for you... 

"How To Build Your First Blog (Or Website) In 1 Day..."

(Without Getting Stressed!)

"EVEN IF You're A Technophobe"

If you've ever tried to create a website (or use a new software) and you've spent ages (getting super-stressed) it's probably not your fault, they're all so different and there can be a steep learning curve attached to each.

Here's why it's so difficult...

While each product creator believes theirs is easy to use, better than the next one, and that anyone can use it etc etc...

It takes an outsider to spot the difficult issues and make it easier for new product users.

And that's why we created this training. By taking people new to blog building through a step-by-step process quickly and easily, they can potentially save $$$ and design their own site, even within a day.

Building a blog really isn't rocket science these days -- the process just needs to be broken down into simple steps and communicated well. 

And then it can be even fun, rewarding and profitable.

What you won't have to do

With this training, you won't have to spend hours queueing in live chats trying to explain your problem and understand jargon-filled answers.

You won't have to spend time scrolling through YouTube to try and find the one tiny piece of info you need to move forward.

You won't have to spend $$$ hiring expensive freelancers to create your site that you then don't know how to change or update moving forward.

And you won't have to wait weeks before your site is up and running.

So What Exactly Are We Going To Show You?

First off, this is not about overwhelm and over-complication.

This training is about getting your blog or simple website set up and live, so you can start connecting with your audience quickly.

Together with Tony Newton (website creator of many years), I'll show you exactly what to do -- the steps to follow in a super easy-to-follow format. 

And for the next TWO weeks, I'll be available to support you via email if you have any questions.

Here's What We'll Take You Through Step-By-Step

  • How to choose and buy the perfect domain name 
  • Which hosting is best suited to your needs
  • How to install WordPress and which Plugins to get
  • How to choose the best theme for your blog 
  • How to add content simply and easily
  • What to do next

What Exactly Do You Get?

You get a series of 10 short videos (each no longer than 10 minutes) along with the transcripts (perfect, if you prefer to read information) all in a 34-page PDF publication that shares everything you need to know to set up your blog in a day, including details of the resources and software services that we recommend... 

PLUS two weeks of personalised and individual email support should you have any issues!

By the time you have completed this training, you will have your blog or website up, running, and live for the world to find!

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